Why Kids Voting Is Important to Me

by Chris Clarke-Epstein

I was raised by June and Audie – children of immigrants – who took democracy seriously. Around our dinner table, we talked about important issues along with the regular what-did-you-do-today stuff. We discussed the freedoms of democracy – the freedom of speech, the freedom of religious belief, the freedom to disagree and we learned the responsibilities of democracy – the responsibility to support, the responsibility to speak up, and the responsibility to work for a common good. My parents didn’t talk to us about the responsibility to vote – they took us – every election we went together to the polls – accompanied them into the voting booth and helped pull the lever – every election! In any democracy freedoms and responsibilities that are not exercised and defended are in peril. Events of the past several years have caused all of us to examine what it means to live in an open, democratic society. Among so much else it means we can vote. Kids Voting USA – Wisconsin/Marathon County is a powerful tool in our community to help our children understand and practice their place in our country’s future.

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