2016 Mock Convention

Join us, as Marathon County students gather to nominate Democratic and Republican presidential candidates on March 23.

High school students will participate in our Mock Democratic and Republican Presidential Nominating Conventions. At this energy-filled event, we introduce students to an authentic convention experience so that they may more easily plug in to what is happening on the national stage. At the simulated conventions, area high school students have the opportunity to discuss and vote on their party platforms, run for their party’s nomination for President, observe a debate among the candidates moderated by local media, and choose their party’s nominee. As you can imagine, in addition to teaching about logistics of conventions, politics and voting, this process builds skills in public speaking, thinking on your feet, backing up your positions, debating the issues and advocating for yourself or others.

In the lead-up to convention day, students complete five activities at their schools to prepare for the experience. These activities include simulated voter registration, choosing which party’s convention to attend, declaring candidacy for President, campaigning for the nomination for President, and forming their school/state’s party platforms.

Kids Voting of Wisconsin/Marathon County is a non-partisan, non-profit organization that collaborates with educators, parents, community leaders, civic organizations, elected officials, and election boards to create civic skill-building opportunities for Marathon County students in grades K – 12. Our mission is to create lifelong, informed voters among today’s youth; support educators in teaching the rights and responsibilities of citizenship; stimulate political awareness among children and adults; and increase participation in our democracy. We accomplish our mission by:

• Holding mock elections for students from kindergarten through high school during major elections, making it possible for thousands of Marathon County students to cast ballots in gubernatorial and presidential election years;
• Staging a mock political convention for students to learn the logistics behind and the energy of selecting a candidate for a major election; and
• Implementing curriculum and presenting to schools across Marathon County to teach students about the political process and the importance of civic engagement.

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