Ayodeji Lawal Presidential Questionnaire

  1. Ayodeji Lawal
  2. Wausau Engineering & Global Leadership Academy, Sophomore
  3. I am running for president because of my strong belief that we must make our economy a better place for everyone­­an economy that expands opportunity, generates broad prosperity, and innovates the ideas and technology of the future.
  4. Because I offer a vision of how dynamic entrepreneurship, innovation, and growth can empower Americans. Specifically, a simpler tax code, less oppressive regulation, smart investments, and competition will build the type of nation we all want.
  5. My first item of action would be to strive toward a strong economy that works for everyone. This will be done through: Smart tax relief, targeting investments in technology, and more competition and creativity in the private sector. My first budget will be the first step in this direction.
  6. What we need to do is create more jobs. People need to stand up and start playing the game of business, I am here to make sure that go as smoothly as possible by supporting small business start ups. We can do that through tax relief ­­particularly reductions in the capital gains rates, research and development tax credits, as well as changes to regulations that make doing business more difficult. These are the quickest ways the government can generate jobs and innovation that we all want.
  7. When we say threat to our national security, I think we need to analyze the situation because the U.S. isn’t in a state of defenselessness. We have the forces and resources needed to do away with a problem when should one arise and then some. The best way to protect our security is to make smart investments in defense technology that will keep us safe, and consolidate, and if necessary reduce, defense expenditures on outdated technology that does not.
  8. I am a firm supporter of background checks. What I simply want to do is have America intake immigrants as it needs them. It’s one nation’s job to care for its people, and to those affected by a nation incapable of doing that, you have our condolences and our support. In taking immigrants isn’t the only way to help the situation.
  9. I believe that some forms of gun control can be a reasonable measure to reduce crime and violence, as to other places that has yet to be decided. This should largely be a state issue. Urban states should be free to restrict some forms of firearm usage, where rural states might be less so. I think more headway could be made against broader crime prevention by making more federal funds available to states in more flexible block grants that can address crime prevention needs.
  10. I think the Affordable Care Act has good intentions, and along with other health care plans need to be refined to truly make a difference. The online market is a valuable tool that the ACA gives us, but we need to reign in the unnecessary regulations, such as the mandate to purchase health insurance. I believe we should limit the role of government, and empower individuals to make their health insurance decisions. This can best be done by having flexible tax credits that would allow individuals and families to purchase health insurance for needs that they see fit, instead of government directed insurance rules that raise costs unnecessarily.
  11. The issue most important to me is building a dynamic market economy that limits tax burdens and regulation. This is an economy that is capable of generating the growth we all want and need. A growing and innovative economy is the best way to extend prosperity to all. I also believe the long­term deficits and national debt must be addressed through smart spending priorities.
  12. Lower capital gains and expand Research & Development tax credits to small businesses, as well as a limiting regulation will expand economic growth and job creation. Limiting our military expenditures, as well as health care costs for the Medicare/Medicaid programs will allow us to reduce future deficits.
  13. I offer a vision that is most capable bridging the gap between the two parties: ­­smart tax reform, less regulation, sensible outlooks on guns, as well as a viable path forward address the debt.


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