Brendan Horn Presidential Candidate Questionnaire

  1. Brendan Horn
  2. Enrich, Excel, Achieve (EEA) Learning Academy
  3. To represent the common folk, and to shine a light on the corruption inherent in the system.
  4. I am an honest person, and I can identify with the people I represent. I will uphold righteous moral values, while defending the human rights of all american citizens.
  5. My first item of action is to put emphasis on choice. The choice to do what you want, as long as it does not affect the rights of others. I plan to push forward a bill that prevents the restriction of choice, from marijuana usage to gay marriage, gun rights to abortion. It is not our place to tell people what they can or cannot do, and we plan to make this clear to all those who wish to make their own views more important than anyone else’s.
  6. I believe we can start to fix our economy, and create more jobs, by focusing on foreign trade. By decreasing imports from other countries and cracking down on companies that build outside the US, we can begin to slow the rising debt we find ourselves in. On the home front, we can increase our own exports to begin to lower the debt. This would also create more job opportunities for US citizens, who could find new jobs in manufacturing exports.
  7. The largest threat to national security isn’t some terrorist cell. Outside threats come and go. The real threat to our country comes from within. Politicians who can’t agree on anything, political corruption, and a lack of communication from the Government to the average US citizen. We need to focus on the internal works of our nation, so we can run smoothly as a country. By cracking down on corrupt politicians, or those who refuse to work together, we can begin to weed out threats to America.
  8. As for Immigration, we are far too harsh. The reason we have so many illegal immigrants is because the process for immigration is outdated. We must make immigration easier for those who wish to enter the US. By making it easier on them, we eliminate the need to build a Wall.
  9. Gun Control is a very controversial issue. But keep in mind that, if we restrict guns so people are unarmed, the only people who will have guns are those who break the law. This is unacceptable. Although we should allow citizens to bear arms, we should require background checks for all those who wish to purchase firearms.
  10. I actually support the Affordable Care Act. It makes sure that those who are in a financial crisis will not be turned away from seeking aid, and holds big companies responsible for their clients.
  11. I believe I would be the best candidate for presidency because of my personal experience with politics, and my honesty about my motives. I have been in mock UN councils, student council, and have attended multiple politic classes. I have the mindset of a politician, but I refuse to abandon my moral code for votes. I will tell the truth, and I will never lie about what I plan to do. With me in office, we can begin to turn this country around.


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