Jacob Lasee Presidential Questionnaire

My name is Jacob Lasee and I was born in Green Bay, Wisconsin on December 27th, 1998. Being related to Frank and Alan Lasee, I was brought up in a political environment. Through them, I learned the inner workings of the government, and was encouraged to follow what I think is right. As early as middle school I held office on my school’s student board, and did what I believed to make the school a better environment for all. Also in middle school, I started being an active participant of the Kids Vote opportunity. As young as 8th grade I ran a campaign for vice presidency, and have since been involved as much as I could have with Kids Vote and all the other political opportunities available to me. At the age of 16, I was presented the key to the city of Mosinee, Wisconsin for public service and dedication to the community. After achieving the rank of Eagle Scout, I received personal recognitions from many bodies of government office, ranging from representatives to past presidents. Through all of this experience and achievement I believe that I am the candidate most suited for the office of presidency of the United States.

Major issue
The largest issue facing Americans today is the great income and wealth divide. Today, we live in the richest country in the history of the world, but that reality means little because much of that wealth is controlled by a tiny handful of individuals. The issue of wealth and income inequality is the great moral issue of our time, it is the great economic issue of our time, and it is the great political issue of our time. I would propose a sensible reformation with the tax code, that raises revenue from millionaires and billionaires, and extends opportunity to those who currently lack it. This vision allows for a more dynamic and growing economy that shares prosperity with all. If elected into office, I will quickly move to have this plan go into action. This is a problem that has been facing America for far too long.

Questions for Jacob Lasee

School and year in school?
Wausau Engineering and Global Leadership Academy, Junior

Why did you decide to run for president?
I believe in creating an America that is more equitable, that allows individuals to rise to their full potential, I am comfortable using the power of government to expand individual opportunity.

Why do you deserve your party’s endorsement for president?
As the democratic candidate I reject the notion that tax cuts and getting the government out of people’s lives is the only way that our society can thrive.

If elected president, what would be your first item of action and why?
I will invest in education, healthcare, and retraining opportunities for displaced workers and struggling young people, I believe in a more fair tax code that allows us to expand economic opportunities to the young and disadvantaged and asks the wealthy to pay their fair share. It’s simply a question of priorities.

Jobs and the economy have been the central themes of recent elections, what would you do to help improve our nation’s economy and create more jobs?
Expand funding to K-12 education, Create a near free system of public college, enact a broad based retraining program for adult workers who lose their job.

What do you think is our biggest threat to national security, and what action would you take to combat that treat?
The biggest threat to National Security is blundering and unnecessary wars that tarnish america’s respect and prestige throughout the world.

Immigration has been a hot-button issue in this presidential campaign season. Would you institute any type of immigration reform, and if so, what would that reform look like?
Immigration reform would be based in human justice and fairness, I believe we should work towards an immigration system that encourages undocumented workers to come out of the shadows and have a viable pathway to citizenship. America was founded and built by immigrants. I reject the vision of building walls and a fortress society that is closed and backwards.

What is your stance on gun control and what measures, if any, would you take to change the current laws regarding guns?
I am not ideologically closed of to sensible gun control measures, I think states should have the right to generate laws that work for them, and the national government should develop laws that help states develop those measures, particularly those that relate to mental health resources and background checks.

What is your stance on the Affordable Care Act? Do you think it needs to be repealed, refined or expanded? How?
I think the affordable care act is a positive step in the right direction, in that it expands health care access to millions more. Ideally I would like a system that insures health access to all citizens regardless of their ability to pay.

What issues are most important to your campaign and why?
Economic inequality, and managing priorities with the national debt. Because the economic inequalities effects all other issues, particularly in how it facilitates opportunity to rise in society. The national debt is a concern, but it cannot be our only concern. I reject a single factor analysis that elevates the national debt to be our only concern.

Pick two issues you identified in response to question #11. How would you address those issues?
I am proposing a sensible reformation with the tax code, that raises revenue from millionaires and billionaires, and extends opportunity to those who currently lack it. This vision allows for a more dynamic and growing economy that shares prosperity with all. No candidate that simply proposes tax cuts and spending cuts can say they’re fully addressing the issue of debt.

What is one reason delegates should support you over the other candidates?
I am the candidate most fully committed to the problem of inequality and extending economic opportunity for all.


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