Yee Leng Xiong Board Member – Yee Leng Xiong currently is a member of the DC Everest School Board. He previously was the president and reviver of the H.M.O.N.G. (Help Making Our  Next Generation) a youth program under the Hmong American Center Inc. The H.M.O.N.G. youth program’s purpose and mission is to help youth, (primarily Hmong  students) stay out of trouble by teaching them the importance of their own culture and also the value of community service and civic engagement.

Yee Leng Xiong is also heavily involved with many other organizations such as the Hmong 18 Council of Wisconsin, a member of the Hmong American Center board of  directors, and a member of the Marathon County’s Diversity Commission. Currently, Yee Leng Xiong is working at the Women’s Community as the Southeast Asian Youth  Coordinator.

Yee Leng was born in Wausau in 1994, and graduated from DC Everest school district in 2012. Yee Leng can be reached at the Women’s Community at 715-842-5663 or through email at